Survey Best Practices: How to Leverage Your Users to Grow Your Business

Receive a step-by-step surveying playbook. Get feedback that moves your business forward.

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All entrepreneurs have ideas for products and features.

What sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest is that they know how to scientifically test their ideas by collecting and analyzing user feedback.

The weapons they use most often (and most effectively) to get feedback are surveys.

Well-executed surveys allow businesses to glean important consumer insights, validate product and feature ideas with data, and apply all of this information to the company’s roadmap.

But how do you run a survey without unintentionally tainting the results with your own and the respondents’ biases?

In this course, customer survey expert and former SurveyMonkey Chief Revenue Officer Brent Chudoba will give you a step-by-step playbook on how to design, execute, and analyze great surveys that give you critical information about your business.

You will learn...

  • Quick survey best practices to apply to your business
  • How to use “word scales” for survey integrity
  • What words you need to stay away from in a survey
  • What is sampling vs. sample size
  • Why margin of error matters
  • What the best survey tools are

You will learn how to...

  • Design, execute, and analyze an ENTIRE survey
  • Create a hypothesis
  • Decide who to survey — and how many people
  • Decide when to survey
  • Design a survey and choose questions
  • Empathize with respondents for truthful answers
  • Create a pre-survey and a test launch
  • Use tools to analyze survey results
  • Tweak your survey to re-deploy
  • Present your findings to a larger audience
  • Implement your findings into your product

This course is right for you if...

  • You have a product that isn’t resonating with users
  • You want to validate your idea before you spend any more time or money on it
  • You have an idea that you will soon turn into a product
  • You’ve heard about how great surveys are, but you don’t know how to make one
  • You’ve deployed surveys before, but you didn’t really know what you were doing
  • You’ve deployed surveys before and you received sub-par feedback
  • You’ve deployed surveys before, but you didn’t know how to analyze the results

Course Curriculum

  Session One: Quick wins and process overview
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days after you enroll
  Survey Best Practices - Session 2
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Your Instructor

Brent Chudoba
Brent Chudoba

Brent Chudoba is COO of PicMonkey, a leading provider of image editing and design software that empowers everyday creatives. Prior to PicMonkey, Brent was Chief Revenue Officer at SurveyMonkey, where he spent nearly seven years managing functions including sales, business intelligence, business development, and M&A.

Prior to SurveyMonkey, he worked for Spectrum Equity Investors and was part of the deal team that completed the acquisition of SurveyMonkey in 2009. Previously, he was an investment banker at Piper Jaffray and a hedge fund analyst at Andor Capital. Brent currently serves on the boards of Schoology and Modify Industries and holds a BA from Columbia University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds complicated. Can I just have a software do this for me?
You can, but you won’t get valuable customer feedback if you are just running surveys blindly. Most likely, you’ll either get biased results from the right people or bad answers from the wrong people. You need to know the established best practices on how to run a survey. This course will teach you how to do that and remove biases from your surveys. P.S. — We’ll teach you what the best surveying softwares are and how to use them.
Do all entrepreneurs really need to learn how to take surveys?
Yes. You might think that many products were just so brilliant and made money from day one, but that’s rarely the case. We can tell you this: Nearly 100% of successful startups surveyed the heck out of their products and features, both pre and post-launch. If you ask any successful entrepreneur, they will tell you that early surveying is a MUST for every startup.
I don’t have a physical product yet. Should I still take this?
Yes. You will want to learn how to do this ahead of time. One of the first things you need to do once you’ve built some sort of product is test it. You don’t want to spend time and money on any product before you validate it with customers. This course will teach you how to create surveys to validate any product.