Advanced Fundraising

Learn all the key elements that go into a round of financing and how to navigate the post-financing world

Be smarter than Venture Capitalists.

After taking the Mastering The Fundraising Game course, which covers the lay of the fundraising, we encourage you to enroll in the Advanced Fundraising course, which teaches the key elements of the financing round, what the post-financing looks like, and how to master the issues ahead for follow-on financing and beyond.

You'll learn how to design and articulate a killer vision, how to develop a clear competitive advantage, and how to perfectly value your company.

All of this is especially important to grasp if you're targeting sophisticated institutional investors, venture capitalists, or super angels. These people get approached by hundreds, possibly thousands of founders each week. You have to be on the top of your game when you receive an opportunity to speak with them. How will you stand out and capture their attention?

Why you need this course

  • Less than 1% of startups get VC backed
  • Your pitch has to be flawless
  • Understanding the process and the terms is critical
  • Current investors are good capital resources- learn how to keep them engaged
  • Fundraising is getting tougher and investors have increasingly higher expectations

Course Curriculum

  Advanced Fundraising Discussion
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  Session 1
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  Session 3
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Your Instructor

Alejandro Cremades
Alejandro Cremades

Alejandro Cremades is the author of the best-selling book The Art of Startup Fundraising. Alejandro lead the vision and execution for Onevest as its Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. The Onevest ecosystem supported founders and investors in building successful ventures from formation to financing.

Over the course of the past years, Alejandro has helped as an ‘angel’ fund over 100 startups and has raised millions from angels and venture capital investors online and offline for his own ventures. In his current role he spends a lot of time teaching investors and entrepreneurs exactly what to look for in a ‘fundable’ startup, and how to structure investment opportunities to make them a win/win for everyone.

Alejandro guest lectures at NYU Stern School of Business and The Wharton Business School. Alejandro has been included in the Top 30 Under 30 lists of Vanity Fair, Entrepreneur Magazine, and GQ Magazine. Alejandro has also been involved with the JOBS Act since inception. He was invited to the White House and the US House of Representatives to provide his stands on the new regulatory changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this course important?
While Venture Capitalists seem larger than life, they actually only fund less than 1% of startups they meet. That means, 99% of people get turned down… ouch! What do the 1% of successful founders do to close the money? Well, among other things, they present a killer pitch and are on top of their game. We help you get there.
What can I expect to learn from this course?
You will learn how to price your company, design and articulate a strong vision, develop a robust pipeline of investors (research strategies and tools), designing a comprehensive marketing plan, identifying key business metrics and learn how to present them to investors and more. In a nutshell, you will dive into the meaty part of putting together a comprehensive pitch for investors or even potential acquirers.
Are there any prerequisites?
There are no restrictions to attend this course, but because this is an advanced course, we highly recommend taking ahead of time Mastering The Fundraising Game. The courses build on top of each other, but if you feel like you understand how the fundraising game works, than it may be fine to register directly. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can still attend!